The play elements in this interior in Rome become key design elements in terms of feasibility, integration and modern character. If you want see more:
This project focuses on quality, preservation of an identity, and integration. A measured and controlled project. A work done on the surfaces as foundations for communication.
The gres material used for the finishes with hallow and convex surfaces, becomes a tactile material that expresses identity, able to combine history and culture, to integrate the views of the marvellous external architectural works.
Modern character.
The modern character is given not only by technological aspects, but also by the theatrical aspect: the latter must be intended as a series of metaphors (applied to the object), as it occurs in the change of scenes on stage, through small gestures or words: in this case, details, take the place of gestures and words, and joining together come to life to create the story. CASA ALL\’EUR [2013]

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