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Noumeda Carbone


birds escher

Words by Aaron Jones 

Using a steady hand and impeccable technique Parisian born, Italian artist Noumeda Carbone renders striking figures. Like liquid steel the feminine archetypes are stark realities draped across often lethargic backgrounds. They feel piercing, puncturing the foreground and foundation on which they’ve unexpectedly stumbled. One gets the sense that Carbone has been given a Rorschach test and answered all the questions with feminine charm and a straight razor. The contrast, like our dreams, seem sharp and yet sheer. There is almost something preternatural on the page. Terror and sexuality transcend a steady dose of darkness and depth.

The exquisite line work enables her to convey the ultra-real. Natural human and zoographic adornments are attacked with pen and ink relentlessly. She is unapologetic with her forms. This fact is furthered by her generally sparing use of color. Never muted they are either bold, flavorful, and well placed, or left out all together, whichever her muse demands. Unique to her style and unlike many artists, faces are not usually focal necessities. Noumeda instead points our rods and cones toward the nitty-gritty accessories we all sport. She makes beauty from follicles and keratin. Patterns, typically daunting, are made pliable and are then enunciated further by sharing space and distinction with linear geometric un- realities.

Diaboliques or lysergic cosmonauts from donut holes she presents us with dramatic, sub-corporeal, lucid but sleep-induced humanoids wrapped in patterns that seem infinite. Memorable individuals become unforgettable. Sometimes they are agonizing. Other times they cause our neurons to signal a pleasant smirk. This range is reflected from her talent, deep into our emotional centers. It kind of tingles. We like it.

dark linerfeathers

green eye




space man




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