Profilo: Filmmaster Events is one of the world's most important and reputable entertainment and events agencies. It is the official producer of both the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics opening and closing ceremonies as well as the torch relays. It specializes in the production of creative content for events, catering to corporate clients, public institutions, organizing committees, sport federations and private clients. With over 35 years of experience, it has offices in Rome, Milan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London and Rio de Janeiro. Filmmaster Events won 6 times BEST EVENT AGENCY of the Year, winning this title once again in 2015.


Filmmaster Events firma “Unlimited”: l’upfront 2017 di Discovery Italia

Il lungo sodalizio tra Filmmaster Events e Discovery Italia continua: l’agenzia firma l’upfront 2017 di Discovery Italia per la sesta volta consecutiva  per la presentazione delle novità del palinsesto autunnale. “Unlimited” è stato…

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