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Fax: 338-1486952

Curriculum Vitae

Profilo: I was born in the gnatty Novara in 1980 and despite 31 years of itchy bites I continue to live among the rice fields. As a child I wanted to become an inventor,so when I grew up I decided to become a designer. You may ask if was not much better to work as engineer, but I can reply that designer is undoubtly cooler. After graduating with honors at Politecnico of Milan, I started working with several italian design firms and at the same time I initiated my career as a everyday commuter. I can define myself with no doubt a product designer, even though sometimes I worked also in automotive and interior design fields. During these years I worked for many important clients including Fiat Group, Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Pirelli Broadband solutions, ADB, Planex Communications, Sgw Global, Pramac-Lifter, Selex and Deltacalor. In my spare time I dedicate to my wife, photography and design competitions. Brick after brick I'm building a better future ... I hope :-)



MACROM M-BTP50: il primo prodotto nato dalla collaborazione tra Macrom e Givingshape

Macrom, da 30 anni uno dei top brand del car audio di alto livello, ha deciso di ampliare il suo catalogo e presentare un’innovativa linea di prodotti Personal Audio, pensati per offrire una…


Boompack, la musica in spalla

Vi presentiamo oggi il nuovo Boompack, un impianto audio-video portatile sotto forma di zaino rigido. Boompack è stato ispirato dai classici stereo portatili degli anni Ottanta (i mitici ghetto blaster, le enormi e…

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