Laura VillaProfilo professionista

Attività: Screen-printed clothes and silver jewellery

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Curriculum Vitae

Profilo: NAHE was conceived by four young artists with the purpose of bringing craftsmanship into fashion design. NAHE was born as an experimental laboratory, “Teatime”, and took its actual form during the presentation of the new collection NAHE S/S 2012. NAHE aims at telling stories, create connections through time, use matter in order to bring memories back to life. It employs ancient techniques like screen-printing -- shards of the past that are projected under new forms over contemporary products. Clothes are the elements most attached to the body, and that is the reason why NAHE wants them to age with their user. Any clothing can be reproduced, but no clothing will be the same if handmade work and screen-printing technique are employed: each clothing will have a personal story, just like each consumer has. NAHE is based in Milan, but it draws inspirations wherever its members go or have been, mixing discoveries and experiences acquired through travelling. Sometimes, even with the imagination – where the best ideas take refuge.


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