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CLESSIDRA Table  and "TWIST" chairs,  design Giorgio Caporaso - Italy
CLESSIDRA Table and “TWIST” chairs, design Giorgio Caporaso – Italy

“Giorgio Caporaso” Ecodesign Collection by Lessmore (www.lessmore.it)

Cardboard is usually linked to the image of packaging material, impermanence and discard. However, thanks to the growing popularity of a philosophy respectful of the environment, it has for some time now been valued as a totally recyclable and environmentally friendly material, with very interesting solutions.

Today, this step forward made by our company is being continuously consolidated, thanks to research and innovation in all fields. In this direction, an interesting novelty comes from design, which has always deserved credit for interpreting new requirements, including future ones, of people and society and trying to propose solutions, sometimes  very innovative and of special interest .

Recently, Ecodesign Collection furniture and furnishing designed by Italian architect and designer Giorgio Caporaso have appeared on the market, produced by Lessmore (www.lessmore.it). This cardboard furniture appears to our eyes as aesthetically unique original pieces in its elegant and essential lines. In addition to being very functional, it gives a pleasant tactile feeling, familiar but new at the same time. The originality we perceive in front of these pieces is also produced by the unusual use of cardboard, the way it was designed and interpreted by the designer in the composition of these objects and furniture, enriched to become an irreplaceable component of particular beauty, texture and feel, able to foster new lifestyles.

Not simple cardboard furniture imitating traditional furniture, but furniture where the peculiarities of cardboard are used- such as texture, colour, lightness, versatility, recyclability and workability – to meet the most common and current needs, projecting us towards a more human and environmentally-friendly future. Indeed, we are not faced with conventional pieces of furniture but with companions of life which, mainly because made entirely or partly of cardboard, can change for us, according to our tastes and our needs due to their ability to adapt and transform and to be not only environmentally friendly, but also long-lasting, easily assembled and disassembled, easy to transport, repair and customize.

All this thanks to extensive study that led to the choice of cardboard, both for its sustainability and for its aesthetic and functional potential. Cardboard therefore composes solid and durable furniture, in eye-catching forms, including curvy and sensory shapes. The artful combination and contamination between different materials which, once assembled, create something new and functional have led to the creation of a very attractive line of furniture and furnishing. In short, when it comes to George Caporaso’s Ecodesign Collection we can really say ‘this is much more than just simple cardboard furniture!’

for more info visit: www.lessmore.it


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