FLORENCE, ITALY – “Nature is ephemeral; flowers and seasons change continually and do not last forever,” Iva Tasic explained, “For my poster I went with the idea of ‘ephemeral’ to express a concern for the environment whilst also celebrating the beauty of nature.” Tasic, a recent graduate of the Master of Graphic Design program at the Florence Institute of Design International (FIDI), won an award for her poster Ephemeralin the international poster competition for Typography Day 2015.
Layered black-and-white images of nature are enlivened with Tasic’s hand-painted watercolours.
Both materials not only allude to the transitory quality of nature, but also reference the word ‘ephemera’Ephemera, a term used to describe collectible items or paper products made for short-term use, are incorporated in the piece as out-of-copyright and archived images that make up the black-and-white background. Thus, the FIDI graduate pays homage to the past while the painted objects in autumnal colors are newer ephemera, from Tasic’s personal oeuvre.
The designer was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina but has settled in England. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) in Illustration at Southampton Sonet, after which she turned her career toward graphic design by studying at the Florence Institute.
As part of her graduate studio course with Professor Laura Ottina, Tasic entered the Typography Day 2015 Poster Design Competition that invited students all over the world to submit designs based on the theme: ‘Typography and Nature.’  With her award, she has received the all-expense-paid opportunity to participate in the Typography Seminar and Workshop which is slated to be held in early March in Bombay, India. Iva’s winning entry will also be published and displayed in an exhibition during the event.
About Laura Ottina
Laura Ottina is an experienced graphic designer, researcher of iconography and consultant as well as a long-time professor. In recent years her graphic design practice has expanded from freelance graphic design to include her research and publication in the history of Visual Communication and Illustration. Together with her partner, Ottina also designs contemporary products and organizes events as part of their brand Popdesign.She has taught graphic design at the Florence Institute since 2009.
About Florence Institute of Design International
Florence Institute of Design International is an international school of arts and design in Florence, Italy. It offers courses in Bachelors and Masters in interior design, graphic design and furniture design. For more information visit www.florence-institute.com

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