N.I.P.S. simultaneously represents the uselessness of the useful and the usefulness of the useless in a sort of a Taoist conflict that transforms the salt dough and the stale bread in bowls and vases with simple shapes and natural surfaces.

N.I.P. S. forces us to reflect on the impossibility to provide a complete and truthful definition of what we believe to be useful or useless, the ephemeral play of a child or the hard work of a baker, crumbled at the end of the day, for example.
The mixtures of flour and salt on one side and stale bread crumbs on the other, properly mixed with natural resins transform these simple ingredients into easily malleable doughs with a strong structural resistance, characterized by the refined textures and a great matter component.

Foodmade c/o Padiglione Italia
Via Oslavia 3, Milan (Lambrate District)
April 9th-14th, 2013

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