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Nardi was founded in Italy in 1958 as a company operating in the industrial plant construction sector, later specializing in the production and marketing of free-standing and built-in household appliances, through three production lines: cookers, ovens and hobs.

Thanks to its quality, entirely Made in Italy, the Nardi brand quickly became synonymous of technology and reliability, achieving great national and international success.

In 1999, the brand completed its range with the addition of the cold and washing product lines.

With a perspective of international renewal, Nardi was acquired by the Condor group in 2017, a leader in Algeria in the production and marketing of household electrical, electronic and multimedia products.

The Italian brand is embarking on a process of development and expansion, where the creation of new product lines, both sustainable and practical, reflects a passion for quality and the ability to continuously adapt to consumer tastes and needs.

In 2018, on the occasion of its 60th anniversary, Nardi participates in the international IFA event in Berlin and inaugurates the Algerian subsidiary, responsible for the entire North African region.

The significant support of the Algerian giant poses new challenges to the Italian brand, which aims at international renewal acting as a spokesperson for the Italian Feeling culture, where quality, innovation and design become an essential condition for industrial know-how that ensures functionality and durability of the product over time.

With a presence in more than 80 countries, including Italy, Russia, the Middle East, Australia and Latin America, Nardi is now a brand that has made “Made in Italy” a source of pride and aims to become a leader in the field of free-standing and built-in appliances.

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